Baggett Anderson, Sharon

“ ‘Wonderful Season of Peace’ was one of several original designs that I submitted to The Trail of Painted Ponies, during their Holiday 2011 Design Competition. I was elated when it won 2nd place that year! Holidays inspire most of us, I think...whether it is to draw closer to loved ones, show more care toward others or to appreciate your blessings...along with these thoughts, holidays inspire me to paint. Nature also inspires my imagination daily...this design incorporates both. Since childhood, I've always noticed the difference in how folks treated one another during the holidays...I wanted to name this pony "Wonderful Season of Peace", to convey how comforting it is to interact with others while the "holiday feeling" is in effect. When I started thinking of my design entries for the 2011 Holiday Competition I wanted to delve into every imaginable aspect of celebration...the excitement and anticipation of receiving presents...the satisfaction of giving...the joy in children's faces and the much sought after global peace for all! I felt a "peace" Pony would be the most important...with "peace" all the other holiday aspects would fall into place. The dove is recognized throughout the world, as a symbol of peace...the pair reflects a family unit...the olive branch has also represented peace throughout history and the holly foliage blends a festive holiday aspect into the design.”

Sharon is a self-taught artist, beginning her journey in 1984 with acrylic folk art projects and primitives. After friends, and then others, showed interest in her painting style, she opened a studio at her Georgia farm and taught classes for 14 years, beginner through advanced. That was during her "free" time. Taking care of five little ones and being a stay at home mom was her full time job.

In 2004, Sharon and her newly retired husband moved from Georgia to their 40-acre farm, "Awesome Ass Acres", in Southeast Tennessee, near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. They take advantage of the many beautiful trails on the backs of their gaited saddle (Solomon, the big Appaloosa mule AND the namesake of our farm) of which Sharon also shows around the Southeast. Other critters keep them busy at their farm...dogs, cats, guineas, peafowl, chickens and a donkey named Easy.

Sharon says “I LOVE LIFE, I've released two classic country music cd's, have written poetry since the age of seven and am in the process of publishing a book of my poetry and the tales of the many odd events that have made my life so much fun! Being an official artist with The Trail of Painted Ponies will now ‘ice my cake!’ ”

Painted Ponies by Sharon Baggett Anderson:

  • Wonderful Season of Peace
  • Wonderful Season of Peace Ornament