Kulina, Thomas

Thomas Kulina is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting since a child. He excelled in art and has always had a natural creative ability. His profession is currently an information technology project manager but he still finds time to create. Thomas began painting ponies with the influence of his three nieces who ride horses and collect Painted Pony figurines. He began by painting ponies as gifts. Thomas then kept painting over 200 unique Painted Ponies designs for collectors all over the world. Thomas lives in an area of New England with many Native American influences as can be seen by the names of nearby towns. He grew up on a farm where it was not atypical to find arrow heads or a piece of pottery after plowing. These influences can be seen in his artwork. Thomas continues to design New Painted Ponies.


Painted Pony figurines by Thomas Kulina:

  • The Grey Ghost