Top 10 Tips for DISPLAYING Your Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines

  1. Display your Painted Ponies by Theme: Native American, Western, Patriotic, Inspirational, Country, etc.
  2. Display your Painted Ponies with your other collections. For instance, mix your pottery or Kachinas with your
    Native Painted Ponies, or, feature "Sweetheart" with your collection of hearts.
  3. Use beautiful books, turned on their sides, as pedestals to provide height in your Painted Pony display.
  4. Don't forget the lighting...put a lamp near your collection or turn the track lighting toward your Painted Ponies.
  5. A beautiful painting or art print provides the perfect backdrop for Painted Ponies. Position your Painted Ponies
    in front of these works of art.
  6. Mirrors are a wonderful way to add a little sparkle to your collection. Mirrored bases or mirrors behind your
    Painted Ponies create a stunning effect.
  7. Feature your Painted Ponies next to framed family photos. Remember the time you took the kids to Arizona?
    Place "Indian Summer" next to these precious photos.
  8. Remember to display your Painted Ponies in the places in your home where you enjoy spending time.
    The family room, den, dining room, kitchen, game room and bedroom.
  9. Painted Ponies are easy to care for: you may feature your collection inside a case with glass doors to keep the dust
    of your Ponies. Or, simply dust your Painted Ponies, as needed.
  10. Keep your Painted Ponies collection out of direct sunlight. These miniature works of art prefer to avoid the sun!

We invite you to send in photos of your collections along with decorating and display ideas and you could be featured on
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