Wolfington, Aloma

One of my fondest memories of Grandma is when she opened her bible up and stuck between the pages was a slip of paper with a fairly descent horse drawn on it. As she handed it to me I saw she'd written on the back of it, my age ... 3 years old when drawn. I was in my late twenties at this time and was touched that she'd kept it there all that time. Grandma told me to keep it and that there would be special things ahead for me if I used well the talents that God had given me.  I do thank God for His gifts and the people He has surrounded me with, the encouragement from my family and friends who "think I can color inside the lines".  I have come a few steps forward in my abilities to draw since that 3 years old's dream horse and can only hope that other people who view my efforts will in some way take pleasure at what they find.

Painted Pony figurines by Aloma Wolfington:

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  • Tickled Pink