NEW Holiday 2019 Painted Ponies

People are always looking for new gift-giving traditions at Christmas. Gifting beautifully crafted and hand-painted, Holiday-themed Painted Pony Figurines and Ornaments has become an exciting new tradition, the way giving glass balls, tin trains and cut-and-etched crystal became holiday gift traditions. Every year we come out with completely different and unique Holiday Painted Ponies, accompanied by stocking-stuffer ornaments. Make this Christmas memorable by ordering a Holiday-themed Painted Pony early for the special people in your life.


O Holy Night7.75" Tall

by Emily Overman

Church bells can be heard ringing softly in the distance. The cold, icy wind picks up. Shimmering gold dust fills the night sky. A beam of light shines down from Heaven. And "Gloria" appears soaring through the clouds, surrounded by angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest, come, adore the newborn king.”

I’ve loved to express myself artistically ever since I was a child. I really enjoy finding ways to incorporate creativity into my everyday life, and I like to pay close attention to aesthetic and small details. Drawing has always been a favorite hobby of mine, and it’s something that allows me to give my ideas life and share them with other people. I feel strongly about freedom of self-expression, and art is my outlet for staying true to that. With a strong love for animals and nature, I like to use these subjects in my artwork and combine them with fantasy elements. Horses are a favorite subject of mine, and I work to capture their beauty and emotion when drawing them. My primary goal as an artist is to enjoy the process and create works of art that represent the visions in my mind.

Laurie Cook
Emily Overman


Song of the Cardinal
7" Tall

Holiday Ice
by Kami Wahl

Asked to recall a vivid image from Christmases past and to create a unique Painted Pony that captured that memory, the artist responded, “I remember looking out my window on cold winter days and seeing glimmering icicles sparkling in the sunlight. As they melted in the sunshine, drop by drop, I would marvel at the translucent shades of blue and white that the icicles reflected off the freshly fallen snow.” 

I loved drawing and painting as a child and have always had a great passion for horses. I took art classes in middle school up until my graduating year of high school. My focus in high school was detailed, realistic paintings and drawings. I also had an enormous passion for ceramics throughout high school and often incorporated my interest for horses into my artwork.  My grandmother collected Trail of Painted Ponies and passed some on to me so that I could start my own collection. It was always a big fantasy of mine to create my own Painted Pony.

Laurie Cook
Kami Wahl


Vintage Greetings
7.75" Tall

Jingle All the Way
by Lorna Matsuda

The beautiful chiming bells on this Pony ring merrily as he trots along, bringing love and warmth and the holiday spirit to the Season. His flowing mane and tail glisten with silver as he shares his beauty with friends and family, a symbol of those special feelings that make the Christmas season so magical.

Being a realist artist I strive to capture the true spirit and character of each subject I paint. The eyes are a very important factor when I do a painting. I work in many different mediums such as feathers, rock, leather, bone, as well as traditional canvas and acrylic based mediums, along with my beloved painted ponies. I also do commissioned work for clients. My art has been a life long journey and will be with me as long as I am able to paint, it inspires me and takes me to a place of peace and tranquility in the many hours I spend painting.

Lorna Matsuda





Crimson Joy
8" Tall


Sleigh Ride
by Laurie Cook

Muses the artist behind "Sleigh Ride": “If I were Santa, this is how I would deliver my local packages. It’s so much more genteel than sneaking down chimneys in the middle of the night! What better way to bring presents and cheer on Christmas than to glide through the beautiful countryside, watching cardinals flit from tree to tree, the only sound the musical jingle of sleigh bells accompanied by an occasional snort from my horse, whom I shall name Gingerbread?”

Raised in Southern California, one of Laurie's earliest memories is of drawing horses on the underside of the family coffee table. While still studying at Art Center College of Design she was recruited by Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri so at age 22 she moved halfway across the country, not knowing a soul in her new city. Her plan to work there for a year or two somehow stretched out to nearly two decades and by the time she left she had attained the highest level possible, that of "Master Artist,"designing everything from home decor items to Christmas gift bags; from thinking up new toy ideas to painting idyllic garden scenes. Some of her clients include Google, Mohawk Industries, Leanin' Tree, Carson Home, Current, and Hasbro. On the rare occasion she's not in her studio, she can be found hiking with her German Shepherd and two Labradors, or tending to her butterfly garden. Laurie has returned to Southern California and now freelances for a variety companies.

Laurie Cook


Fawn Memories
8" Tall

by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Inspired by the artist's favorite holiday, Spooked features a hauntingly delightful mix of classic Halloween characters. An eerie ghost emerges from a jack o'lantern on the base with more ghosts floating up through the Pony's legs. The spots on the Appaloosa's blanket have changed into a witch, black cat and bats. Spooked celebrates a childhood love for trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, scary stories and Halloween fun... and it glows in the dark. 

Born in Chester County, PA, Jennifer has had a love of all things equine all her life. Her mother first sat her on a horse when she was just three days old, and by six months she was an experienced trail rider. Coming from an artistic family, she developed an interest and talent for painting and drawing early in life, as well as for entrepreneurial pursuits. Her first profits from her art came from the sale of horse drawings to her classmates for quarters during lunch when she was in elementary school.

Jennifer started working on horse farms at the age of 13, cleaning stalls and tack for the chance to ride aged Grand Prix dressage horses. After schooling she continued working horses and went on to manage a Thoroughbred horse farm for 8 years. At the same time she supplemented her income as a fine artist (painting Amish buggy drivers for tourists), a functional artist (signs) and a picture-framer. Throughout it all, she says, “Nothing made me happier than creating one-of-a-kind works of art with horses as my subject.”

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor





Fawn Memories
8" Tall

Dillard's 2020 Excluisve

Drummer Boy
by Kelly Kurtz

Inspired by the popular Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy,” which tells the story of a poor young boy who is summoned to the Nativity of Christ and, without a gift, plays his drum to the delight of Mary and baby Jesus, this Painted Pony prances to the beat of his own drum as his pa-rum-pum-pums bring heartwarming magic to the holiday season.

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"Art is the combination of inspiration and imagination. Once you find that thing that inspires you, it’s time for the imagination to take over, and run with it – my favorite part about being an artist! A feeling, a picture, a song lyric, inspiration is as limitless as the imagination. To create something out of sheer passion and imagination is a truly spiritual experience that can only be transcended by the moment you see someone moved by your art as much as you are."  - Kelly Kurtz 

Kelly Kurtz


Holiday 2019 Ornaments

The Trail of Painted Ponies ornaments are perfect for holidays and everyday. Charming as a single ornament or as an entire collection, these ornaments will make every day a celebration.

Snow Queen Ornament

Gloria Ornament
2.6" Tall

O Holy Night Ornament
Holiday Ice Ornament

2.6" Tall

Vintage Greetings Ornament

Jingle All the Way Ornament

2.6" Tall

Crimson Joy Ornament

Sleigh Ride Ornament

2.25" Tall

Vintage Greetings Ornament

Drummer Boy Ornament

2.6" Tall

Drummer Boy is available excluisvely at Dillard's stores across the United States. To find a Dillard's near you, please visit their Store Locator >