Lawson, Bryn Wilkins

Bryn Wilkins Lawson is the former Vice President/Creative Director for The Trail of Painted Ponies. With a life-long love for art, she studied a multitude of classic and digital art mediums, from animation and graphic design to videography and photography, while receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia. Bryn continues her passion for art, business and creative thinking through graphic design, product design, product development and publishing with The Trail of Painted Ponies and other up-coming brands.

Bryn Wilkins Lawson has had seven of her Pony designs successfully translated into Painted Pony figurines over the years, including her newest figurine “Buttercup.” Originally from Grangeville, ID and Payson, AZ, she currently resides in Queen Creek, AZ with her husband, young children and animals.

Painted Ponies by Bryn Wilkins Lawson:

  • Noel
  • Dashing Through the Snow
  • Arabian Nights
  • Cowgirl Cadillac
  • Happy Birthday
  • Winter Ballet
  • Winter Ballet Ornament
  • Buttercup
  • Buttercup Ornament