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Cathie Byrne from Estes Park, Colo wrote on February 10, 2019:
I would like to sell my painted pony to a serious collector. Do you offer third-party sales on your site.
Response From Trailmaster:
We do not. We looked into it but found it to be more complex than we initially thought. EBay is still your best option.

jackie from Watsonville California wrote on February 08, 2019:
I recently purchased a pony at a Goodwill store. I new that they existed and it was gold colored and I was looking for a gold colored item for my decorating. Also I do have/ride horses. I looked up the pony I have and it is Item No 12208 Reunion of the Family of Man #3E/31623. I looked up the pony on the internet and discovered how horribly faded he is. This was dissapointing from how beautiful he was. Is there any hope from my little rescued pony on getting his coloring back. His face has turned blue as well as the artwork on both sides of his barrel. The coloring on the raised embellishments has worn. He has his feather holders but the feathers are gone, just the wraps remain. Let me know if there is anything that can be done or am I alone on this. Thank you in advance for a response.
Response From Trailmaster:
If you love this Pony but would like it to look like it did when it was new, I would suggest you look for another one on eBay. Or, that you undertake your own refurbishing effort using paints from a crafts store. We have no idea what the conditions were where it was displayed previously which could explain the changes you describe. It even sounds like it might have been left in the sun for long periods of time or been treated like a toy by children.

Heather from Nv wrote on January 18, 2019:
Do you ever make carousels i have your native dance and would love to add to my collection they hold a special place in my heart
Response From Trailmaster:
We have not created any new carousel Painted Ponies in quite some time, but welcome any fresh designs in this category.

Anita Mullins from Shreveport LA 71105, wrote on January 16, 2019:
I ordered Eagle Spirit before Christmas and still have not received. Is there a problem?
Response From Trailmaster:
Have you tried directly calling our Official Store? We take these problems seriously and someone there will be glad to help you.

Wanda from Seattle wrote on January 15, 2019:
I bought a bust of the war pony by ranch hood a long time ago and would like to get a bust of another pony. I can’t seem to find any. Are they still being made?
Response From Trailmaster:
No, we discontinued making busts over ten years ago. Some people loved them, but not enough for us to continue offering them.

shirley Perkins from Nevada wrote on January 14, 2019:
what do the letters and numbers mean on the bottom of the painted ponies for example PRE-E verses 1-E or 2-E how come some are real expensive others not so
Response From Trailmaster:
Those numbers refer to edition numbers. In general, the lower edition numbers have a perceived greater value among serious collectors, which explains why some are more expensive than others.

Jennifer from Massachusetts wrote on January 05, 2019:
Hi, I am having trouble creating an account to register my new ponies. Is there an alternative site I can try? Thank you!
Response From Trailmaster:
No alternative site but if you write and explain your problem, someone should be able to help you.

Paula from PA wrote on December 30, 2018:
I bought sequential A sequine horse and on the bottom its says 1E/...but theres nothing after that...why would it not have numbers after that like the rest of my horses? I can send pics if needed. Thank You!
Response From Trailmaster:
Please do send a pic of the bottom of the Pony to: You may have in your possession a Pre-E, which is quite valuable.

Barbara McCullen from Berlin, MD wrote on December 13, 2018:
Is there a 2003 holiday pony?
Response From Trailmaster:
2003 was the very first year we created Painted Ponies and we did not have a Holiday collection at that time.

Kaitlyn from Colorado Springs wrote on November 25, 2018:
What paint do I need to use if I decide to get the "Triumphant Figurine" to paint? Do I use acrylic, water color, oil, etc.... (Basically the best one that will stay on the statue) Thanks.
Response From Trailmaster:
To some extent the best paint will depend on your design, but in general acrylic and oil work best.