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Angela hammonds from Dallas texas wrote on June 08, 2021:
Years ago I purchased a horse from dillards for a friend who has since passed away. I purchased it after 1995 and it had children’s handprints all over it . I am trying to figure out the name of it. I know a portion of sales went to charity. Can you give me a list of names that have this feature. Thank you.
Response From Trailmaster:
I believe the name of the figurine is "Blue Medicine" by Mary Iron Eyes, a Cherokee artist who created her Painted Pony as "an expression off healing and support for those in need in our community." She passed away shortly after completing this piece.

Julie from AK wrote on April 25, 2021:
Am I able to purchase replacement ears for my "Dances with Hooves" pony? Thank you.
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry but we don't produce replacement parts for the Ponies.

Jackie Bees from St. George, UT wrote on April 20, 2021:
What ponies came in larger (9-11") sizes?
Response From Trailmaster:
There were twelve 9” figurines created. You can find a list on the Collectors Checklist page of our website.

Timothy Oldfield from Chelan, Washington, USA wrote on April 06, 2021:
Is there a gallery of ALL full-size horses in The Trail of Painted Ponies program, or perhaps a book of them?
Response From Trailmaster:
I wish there were, but most of the life-sized Painted Ponies were auctioned and sold back in 2002 and 2003 to corporations, museums and private collectors. We have published several books with pictures of the Ponies that were produced in the early years, but since we have continued to average eight to twelve new "everyday" Ponies and four Holiday Ponies every year since 2003, it just wasn't feasible to continue to produce new and up-to-date Painted Pony books.

meta adams from belfast bt5 6dn wrote on April 02, 2021:
hi where is best place to sell my trial ponies all retired and how do i value them thanks
Response From Trailmaster:
This morning there were four questions asked of The Trailmaster, and every one dealt with the question above. Where do I sell my Painted Ponies, what is their value. Please, read through the QandA section under Collectors, where you will find these questions and many others answered. Thank you.

Troy from La Jolla CA wrote on March 30, 2021:
I found a gorgeous Painted Ponies titled; Caballo Brilliante at an estate sale here in San Diego. The #1456 is on bottom it also has the number4E/9.919 which is handwritten after the AE. How many were made and how much is it worth? Your answers are very much appreciated.
Response From Trailmaster:
The number at retirement was 5E/4734, so that means there were 44,734 created. It's current value depends on multiple factors. Please check the Q&A section for details.

Marion Wejko-Towner from TX wrote on March 29, 2021:
I just purchased my first Pony from an antique store....what do the numbers on the bottom mean....I have a 5E/4.091 item 1546 Tewa 2004
Response From Trailmaster:
Please read the Q&A section on our website. Your questions are answered there.

Anthony corfield from United Kingdom wrote on March 29, 2021:
I have alot of Painted Ponies I would like to sell, where is the best place to sell them. Do you buy any pained ponies back off people. Thank you.
Response From Trailmaster:
In the States, the best place to sell them would be eBay. Not sure what to advise about selling in the UK. On rare occasions we will purchase Ponies back. Example: Recently we loaned out some early Ponies for a photo shoot, several were returned broken, they were our only ones, so we too had to buy replacements from eBay.

Gina Rahenkamp from CA wrote on March 24, 2021:
is there a way to find out the value of certain ponies. a friends mother pasted away and she has a few. they are looking to sell them due to debt owed. appreciate any info you can give me... any chance you can email me directly?? would appreciate that as well!! Thank you!!
Response From Trailmaster:
Please visit the Q and A section of the website. The value of any collectible is not fixed. It depends on many things: how many were made, how popular the piece was when it was in circulation, the edition number, whether it was signed by the artist, how much in demand the piece is by other collectors, it condition, whether it comes with the original packaging, and if any other similar Ponies are available for sale at the same time.

Debbie Nord from Langley,.B,C, Canada wrote on March 19, 2021:
I am looking for Fawn Memories retired 4-18 any chance of finding it as it would be perfect for my son no time limit on finding it as long as it is in really good condition Thanks Debbie
Response From Trailmaster:
You're best bet is to look for this on eBay. However, I am going to post this on Ask the Trailmaster and invite anyone who has one of these figurines and would like to sell it, to contact us and we will put them in touch with you.