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Melissa Corbin Nondorf from Warren, In wrote on September 17, 2022:
Is a figurine more valueable if it has the edition but no numbers?
Response From Trailmaster:

Katheryn Caudill from NC wrote on September 14, 2022:
When is the Halloween pony going to be available?
Response From Trailmaster:
We will be announcing the next Halloween Pony at the beginning of 2003,and it will be available in the summer of 2023.

Elizabeth Rock from Minnesota wrote on September 13, 2022:
I purchased Karuna by Ali Mac Graw for my daughter, it said it was rare, how many are in circulation?
Response From Trailmaster:
Karuna is indeed rare. It was part of the very first Painted Pony release back in 2003. The last one produced was a 2E 3,448, which means 13,488 were produced.

Tammy from Virginia wrote on September 11, 2022:
Summer Inspiration Art Competition. Can you purchase these at all?? Tammy
Response From Trailmaster:
The Summer Inspiration Art Competition produced some terrific designs that will be part of future releases. The first of these will be announced in the Summer of 2023.

Roseanna from Oregon wrote on September 08, 2022:
I assume Pre-E means no edition designation. Are these more valuable OR?
Response From Trailmaster:
Pre-E refers to the first several hundred castings of the first eight Ponies that were launched in the winter of 2003. It was an oversight on the part of the factory, which was corrected when it was discovered. In the eyes of serious collectors, the Pre-E's are perceived to have a special value.

Martha Patton from Bridgeport, WV wrote on September 03, 2022:
Explain what standard edition means compared to say E1 or 16 E and also the number after that.
Response From Trailmaster:
At the top of the Homepage, to the right, you will see a category marked Q&A. You will find the answer to this and many other questions there.

Michelle Harvey from Louisiana wrote on August 09, 2022:
My brother passed away and I am trying to sell his collection. Any suggestions would be helpful.Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry to hear. The best place to sell your brother's collection is on eBay.

MJ Barnett from North Carolina wrote on August 05, 2022:
I am trying to find the artist information for Heavenly Pony #1594. Would you be able to help me with this? Thank you for your time!
Response From Trailmaster:
"Heavenly Pony" was created by the artist, Noel Espinoza, who was born in Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. Of his inspiration he said, "the nobility and spirit of the Horse is so high and sublime, it led me to take it to heavenly heights in the shape of billowing clouds." It was released in the Winter of 2003, and retired in July 2008. The last number at retirement was: 6E/3549

Ethne Twombly from Topeka, Ks wrote on July 31, 2022:
Was there only one Lovey Dovey ever made?
Response From Trailmaster:
I'm not sure what you're asking. Lovey Dovey was released as a figurine and several thousand were produced.

Susan from Australia wrote on July 30, 2022:
Are painted paint your own ponies worth anything to sell? I was given one that is in new condition but I am moving house and have nowhere to display/keep it.
Response From Trailmaster:
Try selling it on eBay. Paint Your Own Pony kits are becoming increasingly rare since we stopped producing them.