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Tyler j Ruby from WY wrote on October 26, 2020:
I am new to The Trail of Painted Ponies. Can you please give me the background of the Medicine Horse? I always enjoy hearing about any symbolize or story with a piece.
Response From Trailmaster:
The life-size "Medicine Horse" was created by the Cherokee artist Mary Iron Eyes for the original Trail of Painted Ponies public art project. A gifted writer as well as painter, she wanted her Pony to stand not only as a work of art but an "expression of healing and support for those in need in our community." Adorned with a tribal sash made of leather, shells and beads, decorated with individual handprints of children from Taos, New Mexico, Mary worked overtime to complete this "vision and personal prayer" before passing to the other side in the summer of 2003, before it was crafted into a figurine. I considered Mary a personal friend.

Lori Cochran from West Virginia wrote on October 25, 2020:
What was the very first trail of painted pony that was ever painted?
Response From Trailmaster:
If you are including the public art project that began in 2001 and featured life-size Painted Ponies, it would be Robert Rivera's "Anasazi Spirit Horse," which he began painting over the Thanksgiving Holidays in the Albuquerque Airport. If you are asking about the Painted Pony figurines, it would be the Winter 2003 release which featured eight different figurines.

Edward Newland from MARYLAND wrote on October 22, 2020:
Response From Trailmaster:
Just as with a car, a house, or any collectible, its current "worth" depends on a variety of factors. If you go to the Q&A section of our website, you will see what some of those factors are.

Marianne Schweers from Alamogordo, NM 88310 wrote on October 19, 2020:
We have the original pony, "Apple-oosa", painted by Penny Simpson. It was vandalized last week. The insurance company wants to establish value. Do you have access to the auction records which would say how much we paid for the painted pony?
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry to hear this. Somewhere in our records we do have the price each of the original Painted Ponies sold for, but that price was paid close to twenty years ago. I would feel comfortable, and would be willing to provide a statement for insurance purposes saying the value of "Apple-oosa" was $15,000.00.

Alyssa Bucinski from Kansas wrote on October 19, 2020:
I am very interested in creating a unique design to submit to you guys, but I lack any sort of drawing skills. However, I am a very skilled graphics designer, so I was wondering you might possibly have a 3D figure model that I’d be able to use to create my design idea. Thank you for your time!
Response From Trailmaster:
Thanks for your interest. Indeed, we have received a number of very strong designs created by skilled graphics designers who have been able to work with the outlines we provide. Give it a try!

Cathy L Sartor from OR wrote on October 18, 2020:
I am looking at a couple of figurines that are supposedly signed by the artist on ebay. How can I tell if they are authentic?
Response From Trailmaster:
Ask the seller for confirmation. And if you are still unsure, ask for a picture of the signature and check with us.

Adrian Doherty from Melbourne, Australia wrote on October 17, 2020:
There are 2 sizes of the ponies. My preference is for the larger size. Is there any way I can identify the difference between small and large ponies when searching on the net?
Response From Trailmaster:
Actually, there are there sizes. There is the standard and most popular figurine size, which averages around 7 inches, depending on the position of the Pony. Back around 2005 we came out with a slightly larger sized figurine, around 9 inches, based on the most popular designs. But only a limited number of these Ponies were produced. Some people loved them, others didn't because they were "different" from the rest of their collection, and didn't always fit on the same shelf. Then, several years after that we came out with a Happy Trails Collection of miniature figurines, around 3 or 4 inches, whose designs were intentionally whimsical. These never caught on either. The best way to identify which Ponies you're looking at is to ask for the dimensions.

Jan Wasson from Oregon wrote on October 12, 2020:
I purchased a used Wildfire and it does not have styrofoam in the box. What style of styrofoam is correct for Wildfire? Thank You
Response From Trailmaster:
The styrofoam that was used with the original Wildfire was cut to accommodate the shape of the figurine. At this point, any kind of styrofoam or other material that protects the piece would be advisable.

Kathleen Spreine from Odessawa wrote on October 07, 2020:
How can I register my pony when it tells me item not found
Response From Trailmaster:
Someone from The Trail will contact you and help you with this question.

Mark from CA wrote on October 04, 2020:
I have a pre-production sample of Wooden Toy Horse. Do you know how many samples were made of this design?
Response From Trailmaster:
Generally there were only two samples created - one was sent to us at The Trail for approval, and one was kept by the manufacturer.