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Lynn from KS wrote on January 22, 2021:
Do you have any painted ponies that represents infant loss, autism, and/or donating life
Response From Trailmaster:
Currently, we don't. But we will be issuing a call for designs in partnership with different equine therapy organizations soon that in all likelihood will produce imagery with these themes.

Leslie Howell from TX wrote on January 18, 2021:
When do upcoming competitions get posted?
Response From Trailmaster:
Stay tuned. We will be announcing a new art competition next month.

Sheree K from Arizona wrote on January 18, 2021:
How and where is the best place to sell my ponies?
Response From Trailmaster:
Right now, eBay is the bet place to sell your Ponies.

Joanne from Canada wrote on January 18, 2021:
Do you have a catalogue of all the ponies you have produced? If so where can I look at it? Have you published such a catalogue?
Response From Trailmaster:
To view all the Painted Ponies that have been produced, you can go to Collectors, and then Collectors Checklist. Or, you can go to Registry.

Nancy Lee Richey from Ms. wrote on January 16, 2021:
I am looking for the 9x14 painted glass ponies war pony, medicine doctor or any of the 4 that were done by Joan Baker or any other trail of painted pony artists.
Response From Trailmaster:
We are sold out of the art glass on the Official Store. Your best bet would be to go to eBay and type in "Painted Ponies Art Glass", where you will find them available through other sellers.

Jo Morales from CO wrote on January 04, 2021:
I have purchased a Blood Brothers, however, it came without a box or story card. I found on the website that I can recreate the story card but is there someway I can get a box?
Response From Trailmaster:
I'm afraid we do not create extra boxes for the figurines.

Rebecca Stobaugh from TX wrote on January 01, 2021:
How to become an artist for "The trail of painted ponies"? So you download the form and you sketch your design and then send it in? Or do you really want us to paint on the paper and then send it in? If design is approved do you send us a model to paint on ?
Response From Trailmaster:
Most of the designs we develop into figurines begin with a downloaded form on which the artist sketches or paints their design and then sends it in. If the design is striking and different and we think it will translate well into a 7" figurine, we usually ask the artist to create the design from different angles - front, back and top. At this time, we do not send out a resin model to paint. We do, however, include the artist in the approval process to make certain the final figurine captures the essence of the design they created.

Kelli from Ontario wrote on December 28, 2020:
what are the painted ponies made of? Are they resin or porcelain/china? Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
The Painted Pony figurines are made of an artist-grade resin. When we first started, back in 2003, some of the Ponies were made of porcelain but as the designs became more complex and details were added, we moved to resin.

Leah Mapstead from Arizona wrote on December 23, 2020:
How are your figurines made? What is the process to creating them?
Response From Trailmaster:
When a design comes in that we think will translate well as a figurine, we work with the artist to create drawings from all angles. The factory we work with in Asia will then craft the design, with all its details, into clay and present it to us for approval. There is usually a lot of back-and-forth, which includes the artist of the original, and when everyone is satisfied, we move to the painting stage. Again, there is a back-and-forth to get the painting right, and when we are satisfied a sample of the painted Pony is sent to us for approval. This is why we feel justified in calling Painted Pony figurines miniature works of art.

Sally Hall from Australia wrote on December 18, 2020:
I have a quarter horse pony that has the 1E printed on the bottom, along with all the other printing usual on the bottom of ponies, but no actual number. I was told that it was a sample pony for the salesmen to show the store owners what the pony would look like or a pre-edition. Is this the case? It does not look like it has been tampered with. I can send you a photo if needed. I await your response. Merry Xmas. Cheers Sally Hall
Response From Trailmaster:
Merry Christmas to you too. The scenario you describe is plausible. Although it was supposed to be prohibited for salesmen to sell sample Painted Ponies, we heard that this was happening because of their popularity. So we stepped up security precautions and were assured the practice had stopped. But it is also possible that because Painted Ponies are numbered by hand, this is one that slipped through the oversight process.