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Dorothy Andersen from Arizona wrote on August 30, 2021:
Do you have a picture of the painted pony from Dallas, Texas art gallery. My sister worked I on that one. It has the Dallas city under the horse. I would love to have a picture of it. My sister Joan Bareis has pass a way. No one in our family has seen it except me.
Response From Trailmaster:
I think you may be confusing The Trail of Painted Ponies with the public art project based in Dallas that featured Pegasus horses as the "canvas."

Butch Johnson from High Point, NC wrote on August 29, 2021:
I inherited a collection of 45 ponies. Is there a way to sell as a group?
Response From Trailmaster:
That's probably going to be a tough order. Though it will involve more work, your best bet is going to be selling them in smaller groupings, organized by theme, or individually.

April L. Roberts from Kentucky wrote on August 26, 2021:
What if any is the difference between editions?
Response From Trailmaster:
Each edition consists of 10,000 pieces. The First Edition would be the first 10,000 castings. The Second Edition would be the next 10,000. Every Painted Pony is numbered on the underside of the base.

Mona Lisa Baker from Tucson wrote on August 21, 2021:
Am putting my PP collection on EBAY. What is the best way to clean them off/been on display and are dusty. Just wipe down with dry cloth?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes. And you might also want to use one of those aerosol sprayers used to clean computer keyboards.

Alice from GA wrote on August 17, 2021:
Looking for figurine of native american pony with indian maiden & papoos8DeTQ3
Response From Trailmaster:
The name of the Pony you are asking about is "Papoose." It came out in the summer of 2017 and it is sold out.

Ken Favata from NV wrote on August 16, 2021:
follow up to your answer: The last number at retirement for the large "War Pony" was 2E/2,721. That means 12,721 figurines were produced. - are you saying 10000 were produced of this horse in 1E and 2721 in 2E, or do we have to add 10000 to the number shown so that all 12721 were in 2E? thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
Ten thousand were produced in first edition (1E), and 2721 2E's were produced.

Suzanne from Athens, Ga wrote on July 19, 2021:
I had a cowgirl trinket box a gift from my daughter that was stolen recently . Do you know where I can find another . It’s by trail of painedponies. Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry to hear your trinket box was stolen. For a limited period of time we produced Painted Pony trinket boxes, but we discontinued the line due to a rise in pricing that we felt put them beyond the reach of many collectors. As it just so happens, we have been recently approached by a new company that is interested in producing trinket boxes, but they would not be available until next year.

Carol Meeks from Georgia, USA wrote on July 17, 2021:
What does "sample" mean when it shows where the edition should be. Also, was/is there a "Horse of a different color" collection?
Response From Trailmaster:
Before we proceed with a Painted Pony figurine, we create a few approved sample which are sometimes called Artist's Proofs or Foundry Copies. These are used by the manufacturers as examples to follow, and some of these are also sent to us for final approval and to our distributor who displays them at showrooms. In effect, this creates a separate edition before the full line goes into production.

Shirley from canada wrote on July 13, 2021:
What kind of material was used to produce the ponies?
Response From Trailmaster:
When we first started out, back in 2003, Painted Ponies were made either of resin or porcelain. Breakage forced us to discontinue with porcelain and stick with an artist grade resin.

Tiara Kennedy from Iowa wrote on July 12, 2021:
Wanted to know if my 2 ponies are worth anything?
Response From Trailmaster:
Tiara, I'm not sure what you are asking. Which 2 Ponies are you referring to? It matters. And when you ask if they are "worth anything," do you mean that literally? Please take a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this website.