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mary ann from va. beach va wrote on April 02, 2020:
are there any 2019 holiday ornaments available>2u8
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry, but all the Holiday 2019 ornaments are sold out. Indeed, the Holiday Figurines and Ornaments were so popular that we will be creating five, instead of the usual four, Holiday figurines and ornaments, for the Christmas season in 2020.

sonize from montana wrote on April 01, 2020:
what are the ponies made out of?
Response From Trailmaster:
The majority of the Painted Ponies are cast in an artist-grade resin. There was a time early on when we also cast some Ponies in ceramic, but no longer.

Carol Forestier from Illinois wrote on March 22, 2020:
I thought at one time they had Christmas stockings that were cloth material but all I see is leather ones on ebay.
Response From Trailmaster:
Over the years we have partnered with different companies to create Painted Pony products made of different materials. For a short while we created Christmas stockings made of cloth, as well as with leather. But no more.

Issac Michael Fontaine from NM wrote on March 15, 2020:
Is it possible to purchase just the boxes, like the ones the figurines originally come with? We have 4 ponies from around 12? 15? years ago, and have lost some of the boxes during moves. Any suggestions? Thnx! IMF
Response From Trailmaster:
I wish we could accommodate you, but fifteen years ago we didn't know we would be around this long, so we didn't manufacture extra boxes.

Mary Anne from San Angelo, TX wrote on March 10, 2020:
Two Ponies were donated to the church for a fundraiser. We need some information and value to post with the figurines. 1. Item 1508 4E/4.305 Kokopelli Pony 2. Item 12221 Fetish Pony 4E/2.003 Of Course the artist & year are on the base plate. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary Anne
Response From Trailmaster:
Both of these Ponies have long been retired. You can Google information about the artists - Joel Nakamura and Lynn Bean. If you go on eBay you may be able to see what they are currently selling for. Good luck with the fundraiser.

Chelsea from FL wrote on March 02, 2020:
Could you tell me when the new 2020 holiday collection will be announced?
Response From Trailmaster:
It was announced today, in the March 2020 update.

Betsy Bauer from Madera, CA wrote on February 29, 2020:
Hi Rod and Ricki, Would you be so kind as to send us a press release with a little confidence building words about our ponies coming from China and the eagerness we all have to keep production safe and sound. <3 Thanks, Betsy
Response From Trailmaster:
Thanks for asking this question. We checked with our manufacturer, Enesco, and their response was the same as what the CDC is saying. "The transit time from China would not allow for any live virus to live on the surface for that length of time." So there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Painted Ponies.

Karen from Texas USA wrote on February 07, 2020:
What is the value of a pre-addition Item #1455 Karuna 2003 pony
Response From Trailmaster:
It's hard to say what exactly it can be sold for. This is a very rare Pony, and if it's in good condition and you have the original packaging, it should easily sell for more than $400.

Samantha from Washington State wrote on February 06, 2020:
When will the "Paint your own pony kit" be back in stock, if at all?
Response From Trailmaster:
Thank you for this question. We are in the process of deciding which form we should proceed with in the next Paint Your Own Pony kit.

Lee from Kokomo, IN wrote on January 16, 2020:
Do you know when you will be getting more of the Fire and Ice figurines?
Response From Trailmaster:
We have sold through the first release, and are considering when and if to produce more of these figurines.