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Chris Ordway from Bakersfield. Ca wrote on August 15, 2019:
I have recently noticed on eBay there are some figurines for sale that have sample written where the edition number and production number should be. Are these bourses real?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes. Before we proceed with the production of a Painted Pony, each goes through an approval process. We are sent a sample which we review with the artist. We have found that some collectors like to add these approved samples to their collection, which is what you are seeing on eBay.

Kevin Adams from Kansas wrote on August 08, 2019:
How can I find the value of statues ?
Response From Trailmaster:
As with most collectibles, there is no hard figure that captures their value. It all depends on availability, condition, rarity - and how badly someone wants to add it to their collection. This is why we refer people to eBay.

Robert Benson II from Austin, TX wrote on August 07, 2019:
Are the artist open to custom requests?
Response From Trailmaster:
Not sure I understand your question. Please rephrase.

Seungmin from South Korea wrote on July 31, 2019:
Hello My cat jumped on the shelf and dropped my daughter’s pony and it broked.It is special for her because I bought it for her when we first visited grand canyon 7 years ago. The tip of both ears fell. Both hond legs and tail are cracked. Is there a way to fix it or buy a new one? Thank you ** its name is ‘midnight moonlight’. Item no 4027284
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry to hear about the accident. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the damage to your daughter's Painted Pony is beyond repair. To find a replacement, I would suggest you look on Ebay. Or, perhaps one of our collectors will read this and have one they want to part with and will let us know. If that happens, we will be in touch.

Rhonda Wilson from Liberty ky wrote on July 26, 2019:
I have recently acquired the nutcracker pony and am interested in knowing his value today. I know he has been retired for some time.thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
The perceived value of any particular Painted Pony depends on a number of factors. We recommend checking on eBay for the same figurine with a similar edition number to find the current perceived value. When searching on eBay, be sure to look for the price a figurine has sold for to get the most accurate price. We do know that Autographed, Retired and Low Edition Painted Ponies appreciate quickly in value.

ANNE from SPRINGFIELD, MO wrote on July 20, 2019:
Response From Trailmaster:
Blank Paint Your Own Pony forms have been so popular that we are currently out-of-stock. Will let everyone know when more are available.

Tavlos from Santa Fe wrote on July 18, 2019:
Hi there: I painted one of the original ponies: Spirit Pony & it needs some repair. What is it made from? Are we able to replace it & recreate it? If so, what would a new blank horse cost? Thanks so much, Tavlos
Response From Trailmaster:
Greetings, Tavlos. Hope you are doing well. If you are asking if we have any more blank life-size horse forms available to paint, we do not. There have been some artists who have purchased a painted Painted Pony who have stripped it and repainted, but that has been a private transaction that did not involve us. All these Ponies were made of epoxy resin. We do have a limited number of smaller Paint Your Own forms you could use to create an original Pony, however. Thanks for bringing your creativity to The Trail.

Carla Mason from Vacaville,ca wrote on July 02, 2019:
I was a retailer of Painted Ponies from 2003-2008, I still have many new in box retired ponies from Westland Giftware. Any idea how or where I can sell them off? To people who want retired ponies ? Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
You should offer these unique Ponies on eBay. And be sure to let people know how you came by them. If you would also please send us a list, we may be interested.

annabelle from argyle texas wrote on June 21, 2019:
can i bring in painted ponies that i have and sell them?
Response From Trailmaster:
Hi, I'm not sure what you are asking. You are free to try and sell your Painted Pony figurines to friends, at events, or online.

Greg Simons from Oklahoma wrote on June 19, 2019:
My father sent my son his 1st edition prance to the music painted pony and the paint on the mane was nicked during transit. He is autistic and loves playing piano and this was very special to him. Is there a way to get the paint fixed? He is very upset About the paint. Thank you
Response From Trailmaster:
It doesn't sound as if the damage was that significant that it couldn't be remedied with touch up paint purchased at a crafts store. Perhaps you can turn this into a project you and your son can both work on, which might make "Prance to the Music" even more meaningful.