Archer, Devon

Devon's lifelong love of creating art was inspired by her mother's animal artwork and a generous stroke of family talent. She studied art at a number of schools and also taught private small group art lessons for several years. Growing up on the family farm in Burke, Virginai influenced Devon' s own animal artwork, as well as her love of horses and other animals. Devon's artwork also shows her interest in Native American art which first began with a family trip to Santa Fe, NM when she was a teenager, and from her husband's Lakota Sioux heritage. Today most of her artistic energy is concentrated on still life oil painting and Custom Painted Ponies for the special people in her life.

Painted Pony figurines by Devon Archer:

  • Fancy Dancer
  • Trail of Honor
  • Wovoka's Vision
  • Christmas Parade
  • Squash Blossom
  • Squash Blossom Ornament
  • Turquoise Journey