Spring 2015 Painted Ponies

Commemorating Fifteen Years As America's Premier Horse Collectible... Introducing Fire and Ice.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice
3.5" Tall
Clear Painted Resin

Fire and Ice Ornament
by Artist/Sculptor Kathleen Moody

To mark the occasion of fifteen years of creative excellence, The Trail of Painted Ponies has created this very special, commemorative ornament. Titled "Fire and Ice," and cast in clear resin, it depicts a fiery stallion rearing and twisting like a flame from blue ice crystals in a striking representation of the creative process behind each Painted Pony, where the horse serves as inspiration for a wholly original artistic vision.

Each "Fire and Ice" is carefully hand-painted, and there will be variation in color and color saturation compared to images shown online and on packaging.

The Trail of Painted Ponies is pleased to add Kathleen Moody to its stable of contributing artists. A phenomenal equine designer and sculptor who has spent 26 years creating animal sculptures for Breyer, Hartland Collectables, DaBar Enterprises,and Safari  Ltd. as well as her own line of resin horses. Kathleen is the designer and sculptor behind a number of Painted Ponies in the Beauty of the Breed Series.

Kathleen Moody

NEW Winter 2017 Ornaments

Unicorns have a reputation for roaming forests and fields, untouched and untamed, always elusive, careful to stay unseen by the human eye, except for special moments like this when you can see "Unicorn Magic."

A winged horse named "Night Flight," made of exquisite tinted translucent resin, was inspired by clear cold nights when the stars and constellations shine brightly and beautifully.

Spirit Bear Pony Ornament


Unicorn Magic Ornament
by Audrey Dixon

Unicorns have a reputation for roaming forests and fields, untouched and untamed, always elusive, careful to stay unseen by the human eye, except for special moments when like magic they appear at the edge of a clearing, their silver coat radiant, their golden horn glistening in the sunlight, their long mane and tail whipping in the wind, to enchant anyone lucky enough to see them.

I have been customizing model horses since 2011. I mainly do paintwork, but do resculpt work on occasion. I also have painted for Stone Horses in Shipshewana, Indiana as well.

In 2016, one of my customs was chosen as a finalist in the Breyerfest Best Customs contest. He was Top 6 out of ozver 500 entries in his category.
Many of my customs are North American Nationals qualified, and many of my recent customs have been Live Show Champions as well as class winners.

Please visit: audreyswildhorsestudios.weebly.com

Audrey Dixon

American Beauty Ornament


Night Flight Ornament
by Melodi King

"Night Flight" is made of exquisite tinted translucent resin. Gazing up on clear cold nights at stars and constellations shining brightly and beautifully is the most inspiring time of day for this artist. It is a time when she feels she is no longer bound by the restraints of earth, ideas appear out of the blue, her dreams can take flight, and as though carried on the back of a mythical winged creature, she is transported to lands where amazing adventures await.

Melodi King's interest in drawing started with How-to books she received as a child. From there she turned her focus to drawing her favorite animals: horses. Drawing these beautiful creatures was the key reason that she continued drawing throughout her childhood.

Melodi wasn't very serious about her artistic abilities until she went to college and chose to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Currently, she is working at her local newspaper as one of the Graphic Artists.

Melodi King