Top 10 Tips for DECORATING with Your Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines

  1. Think about the seasons...create seasonal settings for your Painted Ponies. Leaves, branches and acorns in the fall
    and tulips and fresh flowers in the spring, provide the perfect backdrop for your Painted Ponies.
  2. Decorate for the Holidays! Place your Christmas Painted Ponies on the center of your dining table, surrounded by
    pine boughs and poinsettias.
  3. Create "Painted Ponies Themed Dinners!" Invite your friends and family to dinner and feature a Painted Pony at each
    place setting. One night can be a Western dinner, featuring Western themed food and Western Painted Ponies!
  4. Story Nights...invite your friends and family to come over to listen to the stories from The Trail of Painted Ponies.
    Feature several Painted Ponies on your coffee table and invite everyone to choose their favorite and to read
    the Story Card aloud.
  5. Decorate girl's rooms with Painted Ponies! From Cowgirl Cadillac to Earth Angels to Arabian Nights, girls just LOVE
    The Trail of Painted Ponies. Feature them on shelves or in cubbies to inspire young collectors.
  6. Decorate boy's rooms with Painted Ponies! From War Cry to Carved in History to Stars and Stirrups, boys can't get
    enough of The Trail of Painted Ponies! Create pedestals from blocks of wood and add feathers and a pair of old
    cowboy boots to inspire these buckaroos!
  7. Create beautiful wreaths featuring Painted Ponies ornaments. Simply purchase a grape vine wreath at your local craft
    store and add some ribbon and your favorite Painted Ponies ornaments and suddenly you have created a charming
    wreath that you can use all year long!
  8. Painted Ponies ornaments are the perfect addition to any package. Simply tie the ornaments to the top of packages with
    beautiful ribbon. They make gift giving extra special!
  9. Turn you home office into an art gallery. Feature The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines on your desk, on your bookshelf
    and on top of your file cabinet. It has been said that being surrounded by Painted Ponies makes people
    33% more productive!
  10. Feature your Painted Ponies in each room of your home and decorate with fabrics and pillows that bring out the special
    qualities in your Painted Ponies. Fringe, leather, suede, feathers, flowers, flags, there is a Painted Pony for
    every decorating theme.

We invite you to send in photos of your collections along with decorating and display ideas and you could be featured on
The Trail of Painted Ponies website. Please Click Here!