Leydecker, Fabienne

“Ask me to paint grace and power in motion,
and I will paint you a horse.”

- Fabienne Leydecker

Born in the Pays Basque region of France… surrounded at  young age by animals, and especially horses…. a graduate of Chantilly in equine studies…, an artist gifted in animal portraits and the ability to capture the essence and spirit of horses in any style, from realistic to abstract…  the FIRST female jockey in all of France… Fabienne moved to Canada to ride horses and to develop her passion for art.

This past year a life-long dream came true when she moved to the charming little village of Berwick, Nova Scotia with her husband, horses and dogs, bought a farm and remodeled a room into an art gallery – Copper Fox Gallery – and began painting Custom Painted Ponies for collectors in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

“Here, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, nature and my animals, I find my inspiration.”

Painted Pony figurines by Fabienne Leydecker: