Official Trail of Painted Ponies Artists

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Louisville, AL
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

We will always honor Official Painted Ponies Artist Leslie Gates, who passed away last Saturday, May 13, 2017. We knew Leslie as a talented artist, kind individual, and beautiful woman. She lives on in her unique artwork, which reflects her passions and heritage. With heavy hearts we say goodbye, but with gentle thoughts we will always remember you, Leslie.

An award-winning artist and registered tribal citizen of Cherokee Nation, Leslie Gates's works was influenced by her tribal affiliation. She stayed busy participating in Cherokee shows in her native Oklahoma, although she lived in Alabama. Best known for her gourd artwork, many of her gourd masks have the printed Cherokee symbols added to them, along with feathers, beads, leather, seeds, and other items. Birds have special tribal significance to Leslie and often showed up in her later pieces, sometimes along with one of her favorite subjects - horses.


Surprise, AZ
John Geryak Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist John Geryak

As an art and design graduate of The Cooper Union in New York City, John spent most of his career as creative director in the advertising business in New York City. He moved to Arizona in 1994, and was anxious to begin his new career as an oil painter focusing on contemporary desert landscapes. His work is represented in many art galleries in Arizona, and in private collections from coast to coast. John states "As a Trail of Painted Ponies artist, painting nature's mighty saguaro sculpture onto the powerful musculature of the Pony brings together an inseparable bond that began centuries before."


Boston, MA
Pop Art Gallery
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

An internationally recognized Pop artist in the Peter Max tradition, Howie Green has won over 40 design awards for his work for such prestigious clients as IBM, LL Bean, Coca Cola and Hewlett Packard. He has singlehandedly redefined the idea of an artist's canvas by painting life-size fiberglass cows, 6' golf balls, album covers, public benches, a mural that covered the front entrance to Boston City Hall, a full-sized schoolbus… and two Trail of Painted Ponies figurines.


Covington, IN
Design and Illustration
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

This Indiana professional artist exemplifies diversity and versatility. Her 42 year career had included employment as a graphic designer for a large children's furniture manufacturer, a technical illustrator for a retail chain of stores, 14 years as an Art Director for a full-service Indianapolis advertising and marketing firm, and 27 years of self-employment with Cheryl A. Harris Design and Illustration, where she offers her services to small businesses, corporations, hospitals, foundations and private consumers. Oh, and did we forget to mention that four of her designs have been crafted into figurines by The Trail of Painted Ponies?


Dennison, TX
Rance Hood Gallery
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Rance is one of the few Native American artists left who still paint in the manner that echoes the traditional Indian culture and spirituality of the past. Born in southern Oklahoma to a Comanche mother and white father, he was raised by his Comanche grandparents who taught him traditional ways. He is known for his mystical landscapes that are not of this world, but a world distinguished by heroic deeds and ancestral spirits, where warriors on horseback gallop so energetically their hooves never touch the ground.


Aumsville, OR
Artist and Illustrator
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Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

After graduating from Willamette University with a BA in art, Janee taught in Junior High School for thirty years. When she retired in 1997, she began a fine art career, painting and writing, winning awards and building a reputation. Her paintings are usually realistic and involve animals, and she works in pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylic and oil. Her artwork has graced the covers of numerous magazines, she has illustrated three children's books, and her cartoons have been published in newspapers. She was the lead painter on the Salem Riverfront Carousel, an authentic, hand-carved and painted carousel, and in her spare time can be found hiking with her dogs and husband.


Scottsdale, AZ
Double Star Studio
Official Painted Ponies Artist Karlynn Keyes

Karlynn Keyes is the former president of The Trail of Painted Ponies and today she is a wildly successful brand developer. Her new jewelry brand, titled, Rocslide, is shaking up the jewelry industry. Karlynn's love of horses and children has inspired her to design creative brands for children that include, Pretty Painted Ponies. Karlynn also continues to consult with The Trail of Painted Ponies and design many of the best-selling Painted Ponies.


Elk City, OK
Cartoonist, Craftsman, Cowboy and Artist
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Official Painted Ponies Artist Karlynn Keyes

Kevin grew up on a farm in Elk City, Oklahoma with a proud, pioneering history located along the historic Route 66. As a young man he worked hard for his father and grandfather on the farm, driving tractors, milking cows, building fences and hauling weeds out of cotton fields. Kevin was always artistically inclined, and his abilities were recognized by others as early as first grade. As Kevin got older he continued to "fiddle," making carvings out of antlers and wood. Eventually Kevin was hired as a cartoonist for a weekly newspaper. Living in an area rich in Western heritage had a big influence on Kevin. His passion for Western History has provided him with a direction for his artistic expressions, and made him an expert when it comes to authenticity.


Longview, TX

Official Painted Ponies Artist Karlynn Keyes

Melodi King's interest in drawing started with How-to books she received as a child. From there she turned her focus to drawing her favorite animals: horses. Drawing these beautiful creatures was the key reason that she continued drawing throughout her childhood. Melodi wasn't very serious about her artistic abilities until she went to college and chose to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Currently, she is working at her local newspaper as one of the Graphic Artists.


North Liberty, IA
Native American, Equine and Wildlife Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist Karlynn Keyes

One of our All-Star Painted Pony artists whose creative genius, artistic talents and love of the Native American culture has produced several of the all-time bestselling figurines, including "War Cry," "Wounded Knee," "Trail of Tears" and "Warrior Brothers," Vickie's day job involves research at the University of Iowa.

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