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Jennifer from Oregon wrote on December 25, 2017:
I recently got a “Tangled” pony for Christmas and it says first edition but there is no number written in. I have never had one like that before. Any help?
Response From Trailmaster:
For some reason the name of your Pony did not come through, but if there is no number written in after the edition number, that is an anomaly. We apologize. Since all the Ponies are hand-numbered, sometimes a human error takes place.

Margaret Wiles from Australia wrote on December 24, 2017:
I am a lover of you ponies and I was wondering if you custom make any?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes, we have several artists who create custom Painted Ponies for special occasions for collectors. If you send details and you request to you will be provided with contact information.

John neuman from Texas wrote on December 23, 2017:
Hi. We downloaded all the collectables list. Yet we found several not on the list and own one not found on the list. So my question is, is there a complete list with every pony on it?
Response From Trailmaster:
If you send details to, she will help you with this matter.

Cecile from Iowa wrote on December 22, 2017:
When buying on e-bay. If a horse is listed IE and then the number. How can you know how many IE were actually made. On your site it only states , the last edition number and amount made. But not how many made of each edition number.
Response From Trailmaster:
Unless otherwise specified, each edition consists of 10,000 pieces.

Ralph Cooper from Edmonton Alberta Canada wrote on December 10, 2017:
I am trying to determine a value of my collection Do you have a site showing Ponies and their value
Response From Trailmaster:
We do not, because there is no way of objectively determining the value of a given Painted Pony. It depends on many factors: how many were produced, the edition number, whether the artist autographed it, the condition of the Pony and the packaging, how badly someone wants to add it to their collection, etcetera.

Michael Jenkins from New york wrote on December 03, 2017:
Have you done the horse "Sounds of Thunder" as an ornament size?
Response From Trailmaster:
Yes, but this piece was retired a number of years ago. You may have luck finding it for resale on eBay.

Brenda K Brasher from Alabama wrote on December 03, 2017:
Response From Trailmaster:
Ebay, and be honest up front that the original boxes do not come with the piece.

Lori from Arizona wrote on December 01, 2017:
I am looking at the War Pony signed by Artist you have listed for $199.00. It does not describe number of pony, if there’s COA? I need more details before I make purchase.
Response From Trailmaster:
Someone from The Trail will be in touch with you to answer some of your questions. Thanks for asking.

Mary Vomacka from MN wrote on November 30, 2017:
I received the horse 1E/1.586 as a gift. I would like to know te name and he story about this horse please.
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry but we cannot identify that horse by this information. There should be a title on the bottom of the base.

Marlene from Garibaldi Or wrote on November 29, 2017:
I have several older ponies for sale,isthere a collector contact list?
Response From Trailmaster: