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Mitch Gill from Near seattle wa wrote on January 16, 2018:
I have number 12271 Autumn Dancer. It has a date of 2008 and the artist name of Mike Dow but here is the strange part...there is no numbers on it at all. I have looked everywhere but nothing. If interested I can send a picture.
Response From Trailmaster:
The artist who created this piece is Mike Dowdal, and he was the Art Director at Westland Giftware when they were manufacturing Painted Ponies. It appears that for some reason - human error, most likely - the numbering process on this figurine was overlooked. This makes it an anomaly, but does not really add any particular value to the piece.

Brandie Frederick from Texas wrote on January 16, 2018:
I have item number 1549, 5E/61563. I’m interested in selling it. I’d like to know it’s worth please.
Response From Trailmaster:
As you can see, it's impossible to decipher your question.

Larry from Medford, OR wrote on January 11, 2018:
What is the difference between ensco and Painted pony ensco. Price seems to be about half less? Amazon has Blk Jack for 25 or 69?
Response From Trailmaster:
Enesco is the name of the company that The Trail has a manufacturing and distribution agreement with. We create the designs, they produce the figurines and ornaments in their manufacturing plants, and they also have a sales force that distributes the Ponies. One of their customers is Amazon, and apparently sometimes Amazon neglects to reference The Trail.

Christine Colvin from Hartly, Delaware wrote on January 09, 2018:
I have pony English Holiday, Item #4040991, issue 1E001. Can you tell me the significance of this issue #?
Response From Trailmaster:
If I understand this question correctly, you are asking about the Edition Number and Casting Number. It appears you have a First Edition, Number 1, which is a very valuable Pony.

Irene Hasenack from Colorado wrote on January 07, 2018:
Will more Snow queen figurines be made available?
Response From Trailmaster:
Unfortunately, we do not have plans to create more Snow Queen figurines. It is always hard to know how popular a figurine is going to be with collectors, and with this piece we seriously under-estimated, which is why we ran out of stock so quickly.

Cynthia Simpson from ca wrote on January 06, 2018:
Just a comment. I like the ponies much better with the name plaques on them. I display mine for friends to view. Easier for them to identify each. Thanks again!
Response From Trailmaster:
Thanks. We like the name plaques too. They make each figurine seem more like a miniature work of art.

Cynthia Simpson from ca wrote on January 06, 2018:
Have several of your ponies and all are handcrafted in China. Purchased 2 cowgirls rule. One handcrafted in China, one handcrafted in Thailand. Both produced 2011. New condition, same markings on boxes and ponies. Is the Thailand authentic? If it is a copy, its a great one! Appreciate your help!
Response From Trailmaster:
The Happy Trails Collection, which consisted of smaller figurines with whimsical themes, was produced in Thailand, and several of the regular figurines were also manufactured there as well.

Dianne Schieck from Arthur, ON, Canada wrote on January 05, 2018:
2 painted ponies ornaments got broken this year. Very special marked the yr we adopted our son. Dream Warriors item #12415 and Native Jewel, item #12417, both 2007. Can you replace them and at what cost? Thanks for your help!
Response From Trailmaster:
We're sorry to hear that two ornaments that have special meaning to you were broken this year. And we regret that we have to say that we stopped making those particular ornaments a number of years ago, so we are not able to replace them. We have thought about creating a marketplace where people could buy/sell rare Painted Ponies, but after taking a close look at what would be involved, have not yet moved in that direction.

Cynthia from California wrote on January 02, 2018:
Why do some of the ponies have their name plaque on the black base bottom and some do not. I had copper enchantment with plaque and was searching for another. None have a plaque even as 1E (first editions)?
Response From Trailmaster:
Initially, Painted Pony figurines were crafted by a company that did not put plaques on the bases. When we transitioned to another manufacturer in 2010, we started putting plaques on the bases.

Ginger Roady from Wylie,TX wrote on December 30, 2017:
If I submit a design of a Painted Pony, does it have to be chosen to be made into a figurine or do I get a custom painted figurine? If not, where can I get a custom figurine painted?
Response From Trailmaster:
If you submit a design and we feel it has the potential to appeal to a broad base of collectors, we may decide to craft it into a figurine. And if we do that, a package of benefits would come to you. If you create a design and want to have it custom painted by an artist, we can provide you with the names of several artists who have done a good job for other collectors.