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Charlotte from VA wrote on December 17, 2019:
Hi, Is the fire and ice figurine sold out?
Response From Trailmaster:
No, it is still available on the Official Trail of Painted Ponies Store.

Sharon from Arizona wrote on December 16, 2019:
When was the Christmas nutcracker pony made ( the year )
Response From Trailmaster:
There were two Nutcracker Ponies made. The first was made of ceramic and came out in 2004. The second, titled "Nutcracker Sweet," came out last . year, in 2018, and was a Dillards exclusive.

Matt from Daytona, FL wrote on December 14, 2019:
When did the Motorcycle Mustang first appear and how many were made from start to retirement? Thanks
Response From Trailmaster:
Motorcycle Mustang was part of The Trail's very first release in Winter 2003. When it was retired, 75,883 had been made.

Gina Adams from Arkansas wrote on December 09, 2019:
Found a piece at a goodwill and just curious about any info I have not been able to find out any information through my searches. 4E/6205 Item No 1467 Renewal of Life
Response From Trailmaster:
This Pony was created by a New Mexico artist by the name of Natasha Isenhour. It was originally life-sized and a part of our 2002 public art project. When discussing her inspiration, she talked about magical landscapes and "A dawn seen through mists hovering over the Rio Grande that flows through a bird sanctuary in southern New Mexico." This artist has a unique ability to create a spiritual luminescence that invites the viewer to enter a meditative space that seems to live inside her art. It was retired in 2007.

blane tullier from louisianna wrote on November 30, 2019:
is this the same adult coloring book that was on here last year or is it a new one ?i didnt want to buy the same one
Response From Trailmaster:
We have only come out with one coloring book so far.

Bonnie from Lafayette IN wrote on November 29, 2019:
What size are the happy trails figurines
Response From Trailmaster:
The Happy Trails figurines stood three to four inches tall.

Marilyn Checki from racine, WI wrote on November 24, 2019:
I put an order in on or about 11-22-2019. I ordered as a guest and now have not been able to find the order on line or track it. Can you give me any info on this order as to the shipping or tracking?
Response From Trailmaster:
Please send all relevant information to: She will help you.

Brenda Brophy from Ontario, Canada wrote on November 19, 2019:
My daughter has a Painted Pony collection and now her 14 year old son would like to collect too. Can you recommend a pony that is rugged looking and might appeal to a teenaged boy?
Response From Trailmaster:
We like to say there is a Painted Pony that will appeal to everyone, but when it comes to making a recommendation, it becomes a difficult decision. Might you somehow lure the young man to perusing the selection of Ponies available and seeing which one he responds to? I would tend to focus on the Western or Native American designs. Good luck.

kim from BC canada wrote on November 18, 2019:
I was wondering if you would beable to tell me how much my ponies are worth, alot of them are retired ones.
Response From Trailmaster:
This question has been answered many times. There is no "Blue Book" for the worth of Painted Ponies. It depends on how popular a particular Pony was at one time, what its edition number is, its condition is, whether it is autographed by the artist, and what the demand is for it today. This holds true for just about any collectible.

Charles Schrum from FL wrote on November 07, 2019:
Hi How do I purchase autographed horses when they are intially released? Other than eBay.
Response From Trailmaster:
You can contact the artist directly. Most of the artists have Facebook pages. If you still have difficulty, you can contact us.