Spring 2015 Painted Ponies

Pet Photo Contest Winners Announced!

A Very Special Thank You to everyone who submitted designs to the June 2018 Pet Photo Contest. We received many wonderful, heart-felt photos and stories, and enjoyed each and every one of them. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share their beloved pets with us. We sure do love our animals! And the winners are...

1st Place - Danny and Desleigh Hughes

Prize: FREE "Crossing Rainbow Bridge" figurine

Kaitlyn Hughes & Alleycat

My 14 year old daughter, Kaitlyn Hughes with Alleycat. Sadly she was
PTS only a few weeks ago because of cancer. She was over 30 years old.

2nd Place - Tara Leigh
Prize: FREE Ride the Sky book

Tara Leigh & Wyatt the Riot

Let me introduce you to Wyatt the Riot. He's a rescue pup.

3rd Place - Kierstin Hensley
Prize: FREE Ride the Sky book

Kierstin Hensley & Magic
This is my horse, Magic. He died at 26 years last winter. I laid on top of him crying as he took his last breath and I watched him go to heaven. I grew up riding him ever since I could walk. He is my reason of my love for horses. He was one of the greatest, sweetest, and best personality horses that I have ever encountered. No one knows what it is like to lose a pet until you’ve lost someone as great as him. To win this contest would mean the world to me because I would then have a painted pony for him to be remembered by. I hope you’re eating your favorite carrots and have a big green pasture where you are baby.

1st Place
- "Crossing Rainbow Bridge" figurine, a NEW Summer 2018 Painted Pony
2nd Place - Ride the Sky, an inspirational book from The Trail of Painted Ponies
3rd Place - Ride the Sky, an inspirational book from The Trail of Painted Ponies

"Crossing Rainbow Bridge" figurine by Janee Hughes - What happens when a beloved pet dies? It’s said there is a special bridge of many colors connecting Heaven and Earth where there are meadows and hills with lush green grass, and the spirits of our deceased furry friends - dogs, cats and horses - run and play together… until the day comes when we are joyfully reunited with them. Then we cross over Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again.

Ride the Sky

Ride the Sky
is the first "inspirational book" to be published by The Trail of Painted Ponies. Ride the Sky brings something new and exciting to the "inspirational book" category. It is a hardbound book,100 pages in length and features gorgeous photographs of 43 Painted Ponies, some never published before, each paired with an inspiring quotation that captures the spirit of the artwork on the Pony. Ride the Sky will encourage you to live more artfully and show you how to fly without wings.


Below are a few more Pet Photo Contest entries that were shared with us, along with their beautiful, and sometimes sad, stories. We wish that we could feature all photo submissions here, but we received an overwhelming response to this contest.

Tara Walton & Brooke
This is me and my forever horse, Brooke. She was my first project horse that was rescued from an abusive life and ended up being the most kind & gentle soul I have ever encountered. Brooke crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2013 due to an illness. As I said before, she is my forever horse. Even though she is gone, she is always with me in my memories & my heart.

Sioux Skyhorse Whitefeather & Binky

This is my cremello QH, Binky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year as the result of a tendon injury - he was only 6yo & I miss him dearly. Binky was special from the start, born 20 November 2011 (in Australia, that is written 20/11/2011), he was orphaned at 10 hours & that was the beginning of our very close bond. I basically lived in my tack room for 3 months, commuting between home, stables & work, on public transport - it was crazy! At 8-10 days old, he was fostered by my leopard appaloosa mare Harli & so he was lucky to be taught to "be a horse". But Harli did not have milk, so he was still bucket raised. I feel very blessed to have had Binky in my life, to have the amazing experience of hand raising him, of seeing Harli take on a foal by free choice who wasn't her own, for having the chance to have such an incredible bond with a horse.

Amanda J & Morgan
Here are a picture of me with my corgi (Morgan). Morgan loves to dress up and smile, and is very photogenic. Thank you for your consideration.

Laura Diakow & Shaker

This is my one of my favorite photos of my horse Shaker and I. Shaker passed away from colic Easter weekend at the end of March while I was away. I love my boy more than anything in this life. My biggest regret will always be that I was not with him when he had to leave this world. He was fearless, stubborn, an amazing teacher, best friend and confidant & sassy as can be for a 18 year old gelding. I prayed to have more years with him. This I will not get, but I am so thankfully every day for that path that lead me to having him in my life. I love and miss my baby shaker every day.

Destiny Sapp with Indy & Roxy

Me and my girls Indy (husky mix) & Roxie (red heeler mix).

Adelynn and her horse Rosie