Horse are beloved in every culture around the world and have been for thousands of years. Horses have a unique and rich history filled with fascinating facts: from breeding and battles to racing, showing and pleasure riding, the horse is, of course, simply awe inspiring.

Here you will find fascinating facts about man's most admired and loyal companion: the horse.

Did you know?

  • The Cheyenne Indians believed they could not be hurt while riding a Medicine Hat Pinto. Medicine Hat is an uncommon pattern where the ears and the area between them are dark, surrounded completely by white.
  • 27 million people ride a horse in the US each year.
  • There were no horses in Australia until 1788.
  • There is not a true white horse, accept the albino that usualy doesn't live past 4-5 years. Albinos have red/pink eyes and they will get sunburned easy. What we usually call a "white" horse is actually gray because it doesnt have the pigmentation of an albino. Watch for the reddish pinkish eyes!!!

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