"The Lizard King"
with "Clyde" along for the ride

Stories are important and horse stories are especially interesting! These "horse tales" invite us to let our imaginations run wild. The Trail of Painted Ponies has always integrated great storytelling with great art and we would like to invite you to share your horse stories and Painted Ponies stories with us. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write a story about one of your favorite horses.
  • Write a story about one of the Painted Ponies.
  • Create a story featuring several of the Painted Ponies and take them on an adventure.
  • Write about how real horses become Painted Ponies.
  • Tell us about the themed Painted Ponies: Native American, Western, Spiritual, etc.
  • Write a children's story about the Painted Ponies.

Remember: Submit your story and we may feature it on The Trail of Painted Ponies website. To submit your stories, please Click Here.

Stories from Collectors

I have always loved horses. I grew up with my pony Lady and graduated up to Red, a beautiful quarterhorse/throughbred. And then I got married and raised children leaving behind my first love,horses. Then one day I saw the Painted Ponies in a western catalog and all those feelings of excitement came rushing back. It took me 2 years to start collecting them. I now have 73 beautiful Painted Ponies that bring back memories of the past and expressions of Art, that fit everyone I know. I give these lovely Ponies for gifts too, and they make the people I care about smile from the heart. And then I proceed to tell them of the story of The Trail of The Painted Ponies. Thank you Trail and Artist, for giving the horse a story to carry on his back for all to enjoy.

- Cheryl - Clarksville, Texas

Humankind’s history is intertwined with that of horses. They have been captured by us, lived with us, worked with us, helped us build our civilizations, served us, depended on us, befriended us, and they have even died with us. What a unique endeavor the Trail of Painted Ponies is: Reaching out to artists from different walks of life to share powerful messages of respect for all peoples, cultures, and experiences. I discovered The Ponies on a trip to New Mexico; I was enchanted by their beauty and inspired by the mission of the company: As a Social Worker, this public art project exemplifies the true spirit of giving; everyone can partake in the experience and financial help it is providing to nonprofit organizations which work for the greater good of us all, including animals. The Trail of Painted Ponies celebrates the best of the human spirit.

- Luaren Steinfeld-Cavuoto - Nyack, NY

Why The Trail of Painted Ponies is so special to me.

The Trail of Painted Ponies
is special to me because each one has its own design. Like "Running With The Ancestors" has way different designs than Northern Lights. I like them because they are like a friend when you really need one. The one's I have are the "Tewa Horse," "Running With the Ancestors," "Heavenly Pony" and" Northern Lights". Each one of those is special because my family got them for me and because they are a pretty sight. They make a wonderful color in your room. I think anyone can collect them (if they want). Boys can even collect them. Grown-ups can even collect them. I hope that you make more and more and more. - Aubrey- Age 8

- Aubrey - Colorado Springs