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Hopi Maidens

FREE Squash Blossom Ornament

by Devon Archer
$17.99 value!

Tuesday, September 4 to Monday, September 10, 2018

The inspiration for Squash Blossom comes from the artist’s admiration of the beautiful, hand-hammered silver-and-turquoise jewelry made by Navajo silversmiths, and the fine textiles created by Navajo weavers. Incorporating both of these highly sought-after trade items into this gorgeous design – a squash blossom pendant for the breast plate, a traditional, banded, Navajo Chief’s Blanket draped over the Pony’s back – she has created an iconic equestrian tribute to the Dineh, as the Navajo call themselves.


Hopi Maidens

FREE Tickled Pink Ornament
by Aloma Wolfington
$17.99 value!

Tuesday, September 11 to Monday, September 17, 2018

My heart sings, I’m in harmony with you

Joyful elation, I’ll never be blue

I’m Tickled Pink, you’ve played the right key

Loves inspiration, the whole world can see


Hopi Maidens


FREE Godspeed Ornament
by Tesha Hammonds
$20.99 value!

Tuesday, September 18 to Monday, September 24, 2018

Created by an artist who is intimately familiar with racehorses because she owns one, "Godspeed" is more than a brilliant rendition of a jockey on a Thoroughbred whose tail and mane flag in the wind as they speed towards the winner’s circle. Wearing checkered blinkers (symbolic of the checkered flag associated with a winner) and colorful silks (that identify the owner and carry a shamrock for good fortune), it is a lucky piece in its own right. The title comes from a term used when trainers send their riders out for a race, and wish them a safe journey and safe return. For those who believe in luck, it is a gift of hope for a prosperous journey through life.


Hopi Maidens

FREE Little Big Horse Oranment
by Kathleen Moody
$17.99 value!

Tuesday, September 25 to Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Tribute to the Norwegian Fjord Horse… There’s a good reason why the Norwegian Fjord Horse was the inspiration for the horse in the animated Disney hit, “Frozen.” A reason beyond the way its expressive eyes, amiable nature, charming personality, and distinctive crescent-shaped mane made it an endearing character, as distinctive in appearance as a unicorn. Selectively bred by Vikings to be hard-working, dependable and “bomb proof,” a Fjord was perfectly cast as a little horse with a big heart. To learn more about the NFHR please visit:


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