Announcing the Holiday Autographed Editions

For the first time ever, we are pleased to announce the Holiday Autographed Editions! Hand-signed and numbered by the artist, featuring an Official Certificate of Authenticity, these Holiday Autographed Editions are the perfect addition to every collection and they make the perfect Holiday gift.

It's Christmas in July!


Beary Merry Christmas

Janet Snyder

  Christmas Carousel
Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor


Mr. Winter

Robert and Anita Keyes

Village Christmas Cookie

Lynn Bean

Summer 2012 Autographed Editions


Spirit of the Chief

Lorna Matsuda

  Country Music
Aloma Wolfington


Iron Horse

Christopher Paskert

Rockin' Route 66!

S.V. Medaris

We invite you to be one of the handful of collectors to purchase one of these spectacular, new limited edition Painted Ponies! Talk about a tremendous value, here is what makes the Autographed Editions so special:

  • Each Painted Pony Figurine is autographed by the artist
  • Each Painted Pony Figurine is sequintially hand-numbered by the artist
  • Each Painted Pony Figurine comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Each Autographed Edition Figurine is a Limited Edition
  • Autographed Edition Figurines are $75. each
  • The demand for these figurines is tremendous

Collect all of Autographed Edition Painted Ponies with confidence, knowing that you are purchasing from Treasures from the Vault. And, with every purchase, The Trail of Painted Ponies makes a donation to support the arts, education, animals and the environment. Together, we are making a creative difference in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I purchase my Autographed Edition Painted Ponies?
Autographed Edition Ponies will be available EXCLUSIVELY through Treasures from the Vault. Pre-Order online Click Here or order by phone 1 855 868-2427.

Can I buy more than one Autographed Pony at a time?
Yes, collectors may purchased more than one Autographed Edition figurine at a time.

Can I request a specific number in the series?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific numbers. Orders will be processed as they are placed and matched with the lowest corresponding edition numbers, i.e. the first order received will be matched with the lowest edition number available, the second with the next lowest, etcetera. All of the Autographed Edition Painted Ponies will be First Edition figurines.

Are Painted Ponies available exclusively as Autographed Editions?
No, all Painted Pony Figurines are also available in an Open Edition. For details Click Here.

Treasures from the Vault accepts credit card payments only. Your credit card company will be contacted for an authorization of funds, but your card will not be charged until your Autographed Edition Painted Pony is shipped.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes. Special shipping charges will apply.

How much can I expect my signed edition to appreciate in value?
While we cannot predict the precise value of any signed editions, we do think that these unique and limited editions will increase in value.

Happy Trails!