The American Quarter Horse Art Competition has ended.

Be sure to come back December 12 - 25, 2016 to vote for your favorite design submissions!

September 1 - November 30, 2016

The American Quarter Horse (AQHA) and The Trail of Painted Ponies would like to announce an art competition partnership in celebration of the inspirational power of the American Quarter Horse. Artists and non-artists alike are encouraged to submit designs that embody the "Beauty of the American Quarter Horse" for cash and merchandise prizes, along with the honor of being crafted as a collectible figurine from The Trail of Painted Ponies.

"The Trail of Painted Ponies is especially proud to be able to work with the AQHA on this art competition," said Founder and President Rod Barker. "The Quarter Horse is known as 'America's Horse.' Painted Pony figurines are the most popular horse collectible in America. It's a natural fit. This competition will raise awareness about this outstanding breed and the organization that is dedicated to supporting it, while giving the best artistic talent in the country the opportunity to creatively express its admiration for the breed. The results will give people a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the American Quarter Horse."

The competition will officially start on September 1, 2016, and will run through November 30, 2016. Designs must be submitted on The Trail of Painted Ponies Quarter Horse form that was created exclusively for this competition, which can be downloaded below. There is no submission fee, and artists may submit multiple designs. Fifteen finalists will be selected by a jury with judging based on beauty, skill, creativity and originality, along with the concept and story behind the design. America will then be given the opportunity to vote online for its favorite.

Two original Painted Ponies with a "Quarter Horse" theme are featured below. Please note not all submissions need to have a "quarter" design.

The Quarter Horse
by Bill Curry
by Kathy Morawski

: All submissions must honor the American Quarter Horse. Suggested themes are: Native American, Western, Inspirational, Patriotic and Beauty of the Breed. To see all Painted Ponies Themes Click here.

NO FEES: There are no submission fees, and you may submit as many designs as you would like.

: Designs may be submitted on The Trail of Painted Ponies Quarter Horse form, which is available to download below.

: All entries must be postmarked no later than November 30, 2016.

ONLINE VOTING DECEMBER 12 - 25, 2016: Vote for your favorite Painted Pony.

WINNER ANNOUNCED JANUARY 2, 2017: The winning submission will be announced on January 2, 2017 and may be crafted into a Trail of Painted Ponies figurine to honor the partnership between the American Quarter Horse Association and The Trail of Painted Ponies.

* First Place Winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize, plus merchandise.
* Second Place Winner will be awarded a $500 cash prize, plus merchandise.
* Third Place Winner will be awarded a $250 cash prize, plus merchandise.

The Trail of Painted Ponies Quarter Horse form:

NEW FORM! Click Here to download the Application Form
of the Quarter Horse Outline

The Quarter Horse Form above is preferred, but please feel free to use another Painted Ponies form to submit your design on. Note that we do not recommend the Rearing Form for the AQHA Competition. To view and download all available Painted Ponies forms, Click Here.


1. Download and print The Trail of Painted Ponies Quarter Horse form. Be sure to include the Artist's Application.
2. Please title your submissions and include the stories for your Painted Ponies. Tell us all about them!
3. Email or mail in your completed Painted Ponies submissions and Artist's Application.

Email to:

Mail to:

The Trail of Painted Ponies
ATTN: Design Competition
PO Box 41517
Phoenix, AZ 85080

All of the Painted Ponies submissions must pay tribute to the American Quarter Horse. Keep in mind the winning Pony may be crafted as a collectible figurine from The Trail of Painted Ponies. Artists will need to provide designs for both the front and the back of their Painted Ponies, along with a compelling title and the story.

1. We assume all entries are original and are the works and property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. We are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant. Artists should realize that we often receive design submissions from many artists with similar themes.
2. In return for accepting the "financial and promotional packages," winners agree to release the copyright to their winning entry to The Trail of Painted Ponies.
3. Please Note: Any and all designs submitted to The Trail of Painted Ponies are on the copyrighted and registered horse form and these submissions become the property of The Trail of Painted Ponies. We regret that we cannot return any submissions.
4. Questions? Please Email: or Phone: 1 623-580-9389.

The Trail of Painted Ponies crafts one of the most treasured collectibles in America and has celebrated the horse in art for the past 15 years.

Happy Trails!

About the American Quarter Horse Association

The American Quarter Horse Association, located in Amarillo, Texas, is the world's largest equine breed registry and membership organization. Often referred to as 'America's Horse," the American Quarter Horse got its name from quarter mile races held by early settlers, and has recorded speeds of up to 50 mph. It is a most versatile breed, excelling at recreational trail riding, herding cattle, and rodeo competitions. There are currently over 260,000 AQHA members, and over 800,000 Quarter Horse owners in the world.

To learn more about the American Quarter Horse Association visit:

For questions about the AQHA, please contact them at: 1 806-376-4811.

About The Trail of Painted Ponies

Born and bred in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Trail of Painted Ponies stampeded into the artistic landscape as a public art project in 2001 when artists around the country were invited to celebrate the horse-in-art by imaginatively transforming life-size resin horses into original works of art that were auctioned and sold to raise money for a variety of philanthropic organizations. So dazzling was the artwork that The Trail went on to become one of the country's premier art and collectible companies, crafting the most imaginative designs into bestselling collectible miniature figurines. The Trail has been credited with giving birth to a whole new art form called "Pony Expressionism."

To contact The Trail of Painted Ponies, please email:, or phone: 1 623-580-9389.