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Sounds of Thunder
Sounds of Thunder

Pony Story: This Painted Pony represents both the male and female lifestyle of the Plains Indian people, as rendered by the acclaimed Cherokee father-and-daughter artists, Bill and Traci Rabbit. On Side 1, Bill depicts the ultimate warrior ? his profile accompanied by symbols that tell the dramatic story of his many victories. On Side 2, Traci depicts the grace, strength and determination of women in Native society ? a sun radiating healing beams, her dress signifying her skill at beading and design, a buffalo hunt in the background relating the importance of both the buffalo and the horse to Native Americans.

Item #: 12240
Release Date: Winter 2007
Artist: Bill & Traci Rabbit
Material: Ceramic
Size: 7" Tall
Form: Walking
Retired: July 2011
Last Number at Retirement: 4E/8090