Official Trail of Painted Ponies Artists

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Austin, TX
Moore Creations Art

Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

"My family is my greatest inspiration for everything I do. From a very young age, I was always involved in art. I started off with coloring books, and then progressed into pencil drawings. I learned shading techniques by looking at a simple arrangement of flowers in a vase. At the age of 10, I entered a coloring contest of a Macaw for a local newspaper and won first place. As I got older I expanded my skills with other mediums and styles. Exploring different types of paints, pastels, and even sculpture. Some of my favorite subjects include science, automotive, and animals. Animals in general play a big role in my life, both in art and personal. I actually own a mini-zoo of exotic reptiles, birds, and saltwater aquariums. Being an artist for The Trail of Painted Ponies is a great accomplishment for me because I have always dreamed of having a piece of my art work out there in the world for others to enjoy." - Courtney Moore

Cerrillos, NM
Lori Musil Art & Antiques

Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Lori grew up in Tucson, the daughter of a handyman and a kindergarten schoolteacher, but from the age of five she spent her summers with her great-aunt in Lincoln. There, to keep her occupied, she was given the job of touching up the antiques that needed to be repainted. For diversion, Lori would sometimes let her imagination take over and paint designs and scenes on old milk cans and coal scuttles. One day a customer purchased one and, according to Lori, "That gave me my start in the art world." To learn more about Lori Musil, Click Here.

Prescott, AZ
Dave Newman Art

Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Dave Newman's collage work if heavily influenced by life's everyday objects – signs, buildings, music, advertisements and nostalgia. He searches everywhere for items he can work into his "collage construction," and even includes photos he's taken, silkscreened objects, metal, wood and acrylic paint. When Dave is not working on collage construction, he often paints fun and whimsical objects and spaces. He is a self-taught artist who also enjoys doing commissioned pieces for clients who want specific themes or personal items incorporated into art. Dave's artwork is currently showcased in his very own Newman Gallery in Prescott, AZ, and has also been featured in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, a coffee table book, Fender Guitar Calendars, TV shows and movies.

Nashville, TN

Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

More than a legendary singer, Dolly is an icon and a brand unto herself. She holds multiple records: most No.1 hits for a female artist, most career top 10 country albums for a female artist. And she is a respected actress too. Dolly's life-size "Colt of Many Colors," inspired by her personal favorite country song, "Coat of Many Colors," is currently on display at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in Branson, Missouri (


Placitas, NM
Robert Rivera Fine Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Of mixed heritage – Apache, Spanish and French – Robert Rivera is a pioneer in his chosen medium. His artistic ability to transform the gourd into an object of beauty, power and symbolism, and to come up with breathtaking creations that "capture the heart and color the imagination," has made him highly collectible as a fine art artist. His inspirations come largely from the arts of the Puebloan people, both historic and prehistoric, especially the Anasazi, Hohokum and Mimbres bird and animal designs.


Las Cruces, NM
Artist and Poet
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Virginia Maria Romero is an award winning artist whose works reflect original contemporary designs inspired by the culture of New Mexico, her Polish/Irish heritage and her own experiences. She is one of a handful of "Anglos" to be counted among the santero artists of the American Southwest. Her works are featured in numerous national and international private and museum collections. "Romero has taken an ancient art form and redefined it, reinvented it, and made it her own" says one source. "Virginia Maria Romero's art speaks a language unlike any other…it is a language of the heart, of the soul, of life..."


Colorado Springs, CO
Maria Ryan Fine Art
Official Painted Ponies Artist Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

Maria Ryan is an accomplished artist and designer whose electrically charged paintings of wildlife have been winning awards and pleasing collectors around the world for the past thirty years. For good reason, she was featured in the book: "Wildlife Art: 60 Contemporary Masters and their Work." Maria is unique in her willingness to travel extensively in search of fresh areas of experience that will inspire her work; and it shows in her innovative compositions, and stunningly original use of color. In her hands, traditional designs, symbols and costumes vibrate with special meaning… which accounts for why many of her paintings can be found in prestigious private and corporate collections around the world.


Georgetown, IL
Artist, Graphic Designer and Horsewoman
Visit Janet Snyder's Facebook page, Click Here
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

Janet Snyder lives on a 20-acre farm in Illinois where she stays busy showing and training her appaloosa horses, raising miniature Herefords and poultry. She has been a graphic designer for many years after receiving her Bachelors degree in Fine Art, with a major in painting and minor in drawing. She has created a number of popular Painted Ponies figurines, including Holiday, Native American and Glow-in-the-Dark!


Cartersville, GA
Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

Jackie is a self-taught artist who has always been inspired by God's creatures, especially horses. It was only natural that she become an avid Painted Ponies collector, and eventually an Official Painted Ponies herself. When she is not creating Painted Ponies, she enjoys painting, drawing, and honors beloved pets for owners through portrait commissions. Jackie choose to donate all proceeds to charity. She says "It is a blessing to be a blessing!"


Santa Fe, NM
George Toya Fine Art
Visit George Toya's Facebook page, Click Here.

Official Painted Ponies Artist Gene Deickhoner

Muti-faceted as well as multi-talented, George Toya is a celebrated Native artist from the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. His celebrity comes as much from his design and screen printing business and his management of the Black Eagle drum group, which was the recipient of the 2004 Grammy Awards for best Native American Music Album, as his symbolic Pueblo figures that are depicted in the vibrant colors often seen in New Mexican skies and landscapes.


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