Holiday Design Contest 2016

A Very Special Thank You to everyone who submitted designs!

Candy Coated Treat by Steve Riecks
$200 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

In Santa's Workshop, an Elf puts on the finishing touch to a candy coated treat that a child is dreaming of the night before Christmas!

Steve Riecks has spent 32 years as a Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist. His "Heart of Gold" Painted Ponies figurine was introduced to the public on September 1, 2015.



Snowflake by Lorna Matsuda
$100 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

On a stormy wintery night a very special little pony was born. As I sat with him in the stable his eyes looked in wonder at the snowflakes as they blew into the open doorway and landed on his nose, each one being as unique as the little spots that adorned his coat. It was then that his name "Snowflake" was given to him. Even today now all grownup he still loves to see winter snow arrive which brings back memories of his first snowflakes.

"Being a realist artist I strive to capture the true spirit and character of each subject I paint. The eyes are a very important factor when I do a painting. I work in many different mediums such as feathers, rock, leather, bone, as well as traditional canvas and acrylic based mediums, along with my beloved Painted Ponies. I also do commissioned work for clients. My art has been a life long journey and will be with me as long as I am able to paint, it inspires me and takes me to a place of peace and tranquility in the many hours I spend painting." - Lorna Matsuda



Northern Lights Christmas by Ann Yarbrough
$50 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

It's said the best time of year to see the Northern Lights is in the winter, when you can see the blues and green colors dance across the sky. But seeing them on Christmas day would be magical on this special holiday.

Ann Yarbrough's artistic inspiration comes from her Granddad, husband, son, family and friends. She has painted 21 murals in her hometown of Cedartown, GA, designed the book cover for her county's heritage book, worked and painted on movie sets, and been part of a 3 month long exhibition of Painted Ponies called Painted Dreams. She says "being part of The Trail has been a wonderful ride and a joy to be a part of."



Sleigh Bells by Caitlin Dahl
$50 credit to The Trail of Painted Ponies Official Store

This design was inspired by my favorite Christmas song, "Sleigh Ride."

I am a hobbyist digital artist, using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Photoshop. - Caitlin Dahl