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Happy Trails Collection Comes to The End of the Trail

As everyone who follows The Trail of Painted Ponies knows, we feature a retirement program. Twice a year we retire a select number of Painted Pony figurines. Usually six or eight. Which means we do not produce any more of these particular figurines. The ones that are currently available through fine retailers are the last that will be made. We have also retired certain Painted Pony product lines, such as T-shirts, puzzles, snow-globes and art glass.

From time to time we will also retire collections. And with this website update we are announcing that the Happy Trails Collection – the four-inch whimsical figurines – will be turned out to pasture. We love this collection. The designs, each of which was created by a different artist, were charming and fun. And some of them became very popular. But as a whole, the collection did not catch on with collectors, who prefer the classic 6-inch figurines.

Years from now, people will probably look back on the Happy Trails Collection with nostalgic fondness. It will be remembered as another way in which The Trail of Painted Ponies explored the notion of the horse-as-a-three-dimensional canvas. But for now, it's the end of the trail for the Happy Trails Collection.

Check with your local retailers to see which ones they have in stock. A limited number of the Happy Trails figurines are available on the Official Store, so get them while they are still available.

EZ Rider

EZ Rider
by Valor Lee and Karlynn Keyes

Now Shipping

This patriotic little ride is a two-wheel invitation for a road trip that'll take your breath away! Jump in the saddle, grab the handle bars, and see what this red, white and blue can do for you!

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight
by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

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"My favorite colors are black and white, and my favorite time of day is midnight," said the Moon. "This is when I share my glow with the world below." 

Dear Santa

Dear Santa
by Vickie Knepper-Adrian

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You better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town! He's making his list and checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice!


by Denise F. Brown


Frosty, frozen icicles dangle from this Pony’s mane and tail, as if a swirling winter wind had whipped up its own winter work-of-art.


Q: How is the Happy Trails Collection similar to the classic Painted Pony figurines?

  • Both have our signature “wow” look.
  • Both begin with original artwork created by artists.
  • Both come with a story.
  • Both are featured on the exclusive Trail of Painted Ponies horse forms.

Q: How is the Happy Trails Collection different from the classic Painted Pony figurines?

  • They are smaller in size, standing about 4 inches tall instead of 6 inches.
  • Their designs are less intricate, but just as clever and imaginative.
  • They do not have a title plaque or a story card, the story is stamped on the underside of the base.
  • They are not sequentially numbered, but a production date symbol appears on the bottom, indicating the year they were manufactured.
    (A horseshoe for 2011, a star for 2012)
  • They are available only in resin.
  • They are less expensive with a recommended retail price under $25.
  • New Ponies will be announced twice a year, in January and June.

Q: Why did we create the Happy Trails Collection?

  • A companion collection of smaller, less expensive figurines seems like an idea that is right for these times.
  • It will allow us to introduce more variety to our designs.
  • It will allow us to include more artists.
  • It will give more people another way to love Painted Ponies.

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