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Andrea Gutscher from Switzerland wrote on August 17, 2017:
I lately bought "sounds of thunder" abroad. back home I noticed that I have that one already. Is there something like an exchange platform? maybe someone else is in the same situation and likes to exchange his pony... thanks!
Response From Trailmaster:
I wish there were a Trading Post for Painted Ponies, so to speak. The best alternative at this time would be to try and sell your Pony on eBay, or offer to trade out with someone who is putting their Pony for sale who may be interested in your "Sounds of Thunder." Good luck.

Lauren Maultsby from Indiana wrote on August 04, 2017:
What material are painted ponies made out of? Are the porcelain or resin?
Response From Trailmaster:
Most of the Painted Pony figurines are cast in artist-grade resin. We used to cast some in porcelain, but not anymore.

Danielle from Michigan wrote on July 31, 2017:
How many Ponies are in the entire collection?
Response From Trailmaster:
There have been 329 Painted Pony figurines in total crafted to date - including 56 Holiday Painted Ponies, 12 Exclusive Figurines, 1 Exclusive ornament, 4 Four Seasons Collection Pained Ponies, 1 Masterpiece Collection Painted Pony, and 2 Celebrity Collection Figurines.

Nicholas Matkin from California wrote on July 26, 2017:
We have recently moved for work, and several of our boxes were badly damaged. Is there anywhere to get replacement boxes?
Response From Trailmaster:
Sorry but we have not created replacement boxes.

Shelly from Victoria, Australia wrote on July 12, 2017:
Do you ship to Ballarat, Victoria Australia?
Response From Trailmaster:
We have an exclusive Australian distributor of Painted Ponies. If you send us your contact information, we will put them in touch with you.

Britney from AZ wrote on July 08, 2017:
I was reading through the Q&A and someone mentioned an exspansion with Fire and Ice? Where might I find information about this and any upcoming events as I have also heard about a new category of Ponies.
Response From Trailmaster:
Fire and Ice is a special Painted Pony that will commemorate the 15th Anniversary of The Trail of Painted Ponies. It will be coming out in January, and it is an absolutely sensational new design, unlike any we have previously producted. The new category you refer to has been put on hold temporarily. It was going to feature illuminated figurines.

S.McPherson from Langley, BC, Canada wrote on June 30, 2017:
I am trying to find a horse with horses contained on the horse
Response From Trailmaster:
I think you're probably referring to "Year of the Horse" which was created by the artist Lori Musil. It's a sensational work of art that was retired seven or eight years ago. Your best bet for finding one will be on eBay. But there have been other Painted Ponies with multiple horses them so check the Collector's Checklist.

Shyanne from California wrote on June 20, 2017:
I have many ponies that were gifted to me however I have a newborn and am trying to clear stuff out anyway i want to know the best places to sell the ponies so they go to homes of people who will appriacte them as i used to
Response From Trailmaster:
Painted Ponies prized by collectors can sometimes be found at horse and collectible shows, but really, the best place to try and sell them is eBay. Good luck.

peter dowler from langley BC Canada wrote on June 14, 2017:
I have knocked a pony to the floor and the hoof and a leg need repairing. Where can I get this done?
Response From Trailmaster:
There used to be a collector who ran a private "horse hospital" where chipped or broken Ponies could be repaired. Unfortunately, it is no longer in operation.

Cheryl from Mesa,AZ wrote on June 06, 2017:
I have a painted pony "Snowflake" #3684. There is no box. I would like to know if it is a 1st edition and what is the possible value. There are no marks or scratches. Thank you.
Response From Trailmaster:
The piece should have a 1E on it but perhaps this was missed. The number indicates that yes, it is a First Edition. Its value depends on how badly someone wants to add this piece to their condition.